REF Series

By quoting the REF/250 or REF/125 construction set designations and the heater type required, the REO/250 and REO/125 reflectors are available fitted with the FSR, HFS, HSR, HTS and SHTS series ceramic infrared panel radiators. The REO reflectors are made from polished stainless steel. They are used to hold and fix panel heaters with the dimensions 245 mm x 60 mm and 122 mm x 60 mm as well as for reflecting the IR radiation in the direction of the material to be heated. The REF system can be used to assemble flat or curved IR radiation areas. As the electrical connections of the REF system are exposed, Elstein REF construction sets must be installed in closed heating areas or industrial ovens. The Elstein range of products includes the EBI and EBF construction elements and the BSI and BSH construction panels as fitted heating area solution in which the electrical connections are situated in a housing.

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